Thursday, May 6, 2010

What did I Tweet today?

  • 01:02 I don't have to be at work 'til noon! 'Cept I'm doing a school visit at 11 that I'm not ready for, so I have to go in at 10 anyway. Feh. #
  • 07:47 was shocked, SHOCKED to learn that Halliburton may be to blame for the oil platform explosion. #
  • 08:31 thought he'd be fine running BB to school in his PJs. Then he looked at the gas gauge. Looks like he'll be showing off his jammies at QT. #
  • 10:00 wants to live like he's dying. #
  • 10:58 is Late Latington of Lateston, LA. #
  • 12:09 Oh, dear. RT @willywaldo: RT @sonorandragon: Librarians and booklo vers should enjoy this example of FAIL: #
  • 21:26 is SO ready for a Friday off. #
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