Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What did I Tweet today?

  • 19:06 just put $1.08 in his gas tank. The nickel was almost too big to fit through the hole. #
  • 20:40 RT @dances_w_vowels: Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. #
  • 21:15 RT @YoungBillYoung: Help Oklahoma win 50,000 free books for children in need! Visit #
  • 21:24 :-) RT @kittent: i used to think i was addicted to usenet...that was nothing compared to twitterdiction. - Or facebook, sez I. #
  • 21:31 RT @kittent: RT lots of people ROTFL #
  • 21:38 hasn't re-subjected himself to Yukon Jack, but is trying his first finger of Southern Comfort (rec'd by same guy) and enjoying it. #
  • 22:00 @CMCorum Yeah. I still wouldn't choose it over a good whisky, or a G&T, but it's very smooth. YJ, OTOH, is just narsty. #
  • 22:33 had a darn good day, considering. #
  • 22:44 @nnascenzi This is me RSVPing for #ignitetulsa. :-) #
  • 23:37 On page 224 of 784 of Carrion Comfort. Story keeps getting more intriguing. Most readable Simmons I've encountered. #
  • 07:43 has eyes like two holes in a blanket burnt through, and his breath in the morning would scare a young cow. #
  • 11:28 is meeting his sweetie for sushi. NO KIDS ALLOWED! #
  • 12:42 enjoyed California Sushi on 71st. Good miso soup & brown rice tea. But he wonders if there's a minimum TV requirement for new restaurants. #
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