Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What did I Tweet today?

  • 21:22 spent a very quiet evening. The Deluge kept people away from the library, evidently. #
  • 22:50 @joe_hill Wish your dad a happy birthday from Twitter if you talk to him. His work has meant a lot to me. #
  • 22:56 reports that a shot of Yukon Jack in a glass of iced Sleepytime tea makes a darn tasty nightcap. Sweet, but not syrupy. #
  • 23:30 lies somewhere on the continuum between "dandy" and "fop", with occasional forays toward "metrosexual". #
  • 08:17 thinks he knows why they call it Fall. *thud* #
  • 09:27 Check it out. I'm in the paper! bit.ly/D5qXE #
  • 10:12 @sexgenderbody Teaching Tolerance on gendered fast food toys: bit.ly/PWgq0 #
  • 10:13 @wsstephens Thanks! #
  • 10:15 RT @hrtulsalibrary: Hardesty Library's teen programs made... the Tulsa World Scene section today. Check it out! ow.ly/qv6a #
  • 14:20 Huzzah! RT @Nnascenzi: Can't wait! RT @meber: @ignitetulsa videos will start going up tonight! #< /a>
  • 14:28 chaired a record-setting half-hour RenFaire meeting, and is now en rout back to HSR to set up for Marble Magnet Madness! #
  • 15:27 @Oprah Didn't Phil Donahue do that in, like, 1988? #
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