Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What did I Tweet today?

  • 00:20 Playing with ink, pen, and brush. #
  • 00:55 had a lot of fun playing with ink tonight, but somewhere lost in his house is a cache of calligraphy stuff that would have made it better. #
  • 08:58 <3! RT @docbrite: Just in case I've left anyone in doubt: I am pro-choice, transgender, & queer. This is what one Catholic looks like. #
  • 09:16 wishes all a happy Monkee day! Today Michael Nesmith turns 67, and Davy Jones is 64. Will you still need him? Will you still feed him? #
  • 15:02 watches BB discover Inkscape and The GIMP. #
  • 16:25 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling (this is great) /via @NealWiser #
  • 16:33 is almost packed for Topeka. Just waiting for Kim to come home so they can go! #
  • 18:42 and the kids have Solved A Milk Mystery. #
  • 19:06 and fam are hitting the road! Should be in Topeka 'round midnight. #
  • 22:08 has been pulled over in Neodesha, KS for going AT MOST 22 in a 20. Frick. #
  • 22:20 was let off with a warning. Thank God! #
  • 23:41 plans to Techno-fast ( tomorrow, hanging out with good friends and ringing in the new year with a murder mystery! #
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