Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What did I Tweet today?

  • 07:00 By your command. #3WordsBeforeSex #
  • 07:15 cannot express how ashamed he is to be an Oklahoman today. #
  • 08:20 I'm going to be doing some unfollowing in the next day or so. Too much to keep on top of. I'll be keeping library folks, mostly. :-) #
  • 13:37 just had his first "Whoa" moment with Word 2007. Select text and go to change the font, and it previews the font change IN THE DOC! #
  • 14:51 wonders, now that it's old news, if anyone is using Google Wave for anything useful. Let him know if so. #
  • 18:01 prepares to both stir AND fry . Astonishing! #
  • 18:46 Choir rehearsal (@ Fellowship Lutheran Church) #
  • 19:00 RT @Maddow @keitholbermann How's this for a new AZ Tourism & Travel slogan? "Arizona: Yes, it may be hate, but at least it's a dry hate." #
  • 19:54 RT @adrianparsons: Facebook is the people you went to high school with.Twitter is the people you wish you went to HS with. (Via @margot907) #
  • 21:59 thinks that, when he cleans up turtle bones from the kitchen floor, that's the sign that it's time to gobed. #
  • 22:50 On page 58 of 192 of Dope Sick . Love Myers' prose! "I picked up my son, and it was like picking up what my life was ... #
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