Saturday, January 2, 2010

What did I Tweet today?

  • 00:12 has arrived safely home and is be gobed. Work tomorrow. Come to the library and say Hi! #
  • 09:52 RT @patkiernan: Today's date is 01022010. Only 12 times in this century does the date read the same backwards. #
  • 11:08 RT @badbanana: That one set of carbon footprints in the sand is when Jesus carried me and my 60-inch plasma TV. #
  • 18:05 is at home and sleepy. #
  • 18:29 may not make it to dinnertime. He's not feeling very well. #
  • 19:11 made himself something shepherdy-pie-ish. #
  • 19:33 has reached the stage of reciting the fruits of the Spirit in hopes of getting 1 of them. Patience would be best, but Peace is a close 2nd. #
  • 21:03 is loving Silk by @greygirlbeast & wants 2 share it with an old friend, but can't. They lost touch. Any1 know where Jay Wakefield is now? #
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