Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What did I Tweet today?

  • 00:18 wants to go to sleep, so he's beating the snot-rivers into submission with Sudafed, Benadryl, Claritin, ibuprofen, and neti. Take that! #
  • 00:26 LB made a new friend today. They marched arm-in-arm! tweetphoto.com/9060189 #
  • 09:03 Worky, worky! (@ Hardesty Regional Library) 4sq.com/8AISUr #
  • 12:31 RT @FakeAPStylebook: "Dammit" or "Damnit" are both acceptable, unless you are over the age of sixty, in which case "Dagnabit" is required. #
  • 13:21 Guess it's true. RT @BreakingNews: Robert Parker, author of 'Spenser' books , dies in Cambridge, Mass. -- Boston Herald bit.ly/6z8aHf #
  • 14:15 is full of energy today, busting out next actions like nobody's business. Guess that's what sleeping over 40 hours in 3 days'll get you. #
  • 17:38 RT @badbanana: A journey of a thousand miles begins with an eviction notice and a restraining order. #
  • 17:51 was just asked if he qualified for the 55+ senior discount. Are you frickin' serious? #
  • 18:52 Pinewood derby tonight. Wish BB luck! (@ Eisenhower International School) 4sq.com/6YoEYc #
  • 21:20 is at home. Kids are in bed. He's sewing suspender buttons on his new black pants. #
  • 21:25 Real or Onion? RT @BreakingNews: Man sentenced to year in jail for slapping stranger's child in Wal-Mart bit.ly/8uwxnL #
  • 21:44 YES!! RT @brianeisley: Screw the Republicans. Work to pass the best bill possible, and if they want to filibuster, LET THEM. #
  • 22:08 heard a great proverb in a radio interview tonight. "Follow the man who seeks truth, but run from the man who has found it." #
  • 23:39 is finally watching Iron Jawed Angels. How many times will he cry? Stay tuned. #
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