Saturday, January 9, 2010

What did I Tweet today?

  • 09:22 got to sleep 'til 8:56. Too bad he was supposed to be at church at 9. Then he was greeted with cottonwood-fluff snow! Gonna be a good day. #
  • 11:07 .@crataegus hears spam ads in Sally Struthers' voice. "Do you want a larger penis? Of course! We all do!" Then laughs til out of breath. #
  • 11:26 LOL! RT @valcott: #
  • 11:36 wants to attend a lecture at Gilcrease at noon, Second Saturday at Philbrook, and a nap on the couch. Guess which one will win. #
  • 12:36 RT @BrentSpiner: Google guys gave me a great gift. I won't say what it was, but it I'll just say, sometimes it pays to have been an Android. #
  • 12:44 Anything to keep him on the potty. #
  • 13:17 is only coming through in waves. His lips move, but you can't hear what he's saying. #
  • 13:25 Hangin' with LB, who has pottied 3 times since last night! #
  • 14:06 Seth Godin is a bright fellow, but he obviously knows very little about modern public libraries. #
  • 14:11 A library isn't just a place full of data on paper. It's careful ly selected and staffed with experts. #godinfail #
  • 14:14 To p-phrase @sabram: We can't teach the public to flush a urinal. U think we're going to teach them Boolean? #godinfail #
  • 14:16 DVDs are no different than pop fiction. "Recreation" is part of the library's mission. #godinfail #
  • 14:25 What does he think the "leaders, sherpas, and teachers" are going 2 look like? I think they'll have hair buns and glasses chains. #godinfail #
  • 17:03 Dirty snow, ice, a dusting of fresh. Amazing! #
  • 17:11 RT @maureenjohnson "What do YOU do when a baby is crying?" I hand it to Amy Winehouse. It doesn't help, but makes for an interesting photo. #
  • 18:42 made ham and spinach mini-pizzas tonight. There almost weren't enough to meet demand! #
  • 20:06 watches Enchanted with Kim and the boys, and laughs in spite of himself. The roaches cleaning the tub! #
  • 20:35 BB on the big Central Park musical number: "It's like a flash mob!" Truly a child of the noughties. #
  • 22:12 RT @petersagal: 12 yr old saw Sherlock Holmes. L oved it. Man, is she going to be confused by the books. #
  • 22:19 is incredibly proud of LB, who spent 24 hours in the same underpants today, and went potty several times! #
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